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Digital Design through Verilog HDL Notes JNTU | DDTV Notes JNTU

Digital Design through Verilog HDL Notes JNTU – DDTV Notes JNTU of Total Complete Notes

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Unit I

Introduction to Verilog HDL: Verilog as HDL. Levels of Design description. Concurrency. Simulation and Synthesis. Function Verification, System tasks. Programming Language interface, Module. Simulation and Synthesis tools

Unit II

Language Constructs and Conventions: Introduction. Keywords. Identifiers. White space Characters, Comments. Numbers, Strings. Logic Values. Strengths. Data types. Scalars and vectors, parameters. operators.

Unit III

Gate Level Modeling: Introduction. AND Gate Primitive. Module structure. other gate primitives. illttstrative examples. tristate gates. array of instances of primitives. Design of Flip —Flops with gate primitives. Delays. Strengths and Construction resolution. Net types. Design of basic circuit.

Unit IV

Behavioral Modeling: Introduction. Operations and assignments. functional bifurcation. ‘Initial’ construct. ‘always’ construct. Assignments with Delays. ‘wait‘ construct, multiple always block, Designs at behavioral level. blocking and non- blocking assignments. the ‘case‘ statement. simulation flow “if” and ‘if-else’ constructs. ‘assign- de-assign’ construct. ‘repeat‘ construct. for loop. ‘ the disable’ construct. ‘while loop‘. for ever loop. parallel blocks. ‘ f0rce- release, construct. Event.

Unit V

Modeling at Dataflow Level: Introduction. Continuous assignment structure. delays and continuous assignments. assignment to vectors. operators. Switch level modeling: Basic transistor switches. CMOS switches. bi directional gates. time delays with switch primitives. instantiation with strengths‘ and ‘ delays’. strength contention with Trireg nets.

Unit VI

System Tasks. Functions and Compiler Directives: Parameters. Path delays. module parameters. system tasks and functions. file based tasks and functions, computer directives. Hierarchical access. User defined Primitives.

Unit VII

Sequential Circuit Description: Sequential models – feedback model. capacitive model. implicit model. basic memory components. functional register. static machine coding. sequential synthesis

Component Test and Verification: Test bench- combinational circuit testing. sequential circuit testing. test bench techniques. design verification assertion verification and for more please download the above PDF file.

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