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Mechanical Vibrations Notes VTU | MV Notes VTU

 Mechanical Vibrations Notes VTU – MV Notes VTU of Total Modules

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                                                          PART- A

UNIT – 1

Introduction: Types of vibrations, Definitions, Simple Harmonic Motion (S.H.M.), Work done by harmonic force, Principle of super position applied to SHM, Beats, Fourier theorem and problems.


(Single Degree of Freedom) Free Vibrations: Derivations for spring mass systems, Methods of Analysis, Natural frequencies of simple systems, Springs in series and parallel, Torsional and transverse vibrations, Effect of mass of spring and Problems.

UNIT – 3

Damped free vibrations (1DOF): Types of damping, Analysis with viscous damping – Derivations for over, critical and under damped systems, Logarithmic decrement and Problems.

UNIT – 4

Forced Vibrations (1DOF): Introduction, Analysis of forced vibration with constant harmonic excitation – magnification factor, rotating and reciprocating unbalances.

                                                      PART – B

UNIT – 5

Vibration Measuring Instruments and Whirling of shafts: Seismic Instruments – Vibrometers, Accelerometer, Frequency measuring instruments and
Problems. Whirling of shafts with and without damping, discussion of speeds above and below critical speeds and Problems.

UNIT – 6

Systems with two degrees of Freedom: Principle modes of vibrations, Normal mode and natural frequencies of systems (without damping) – Simple spring mass systems, masses on tightly stretched strings.

UNIT – 7

Numerical Methods for multi degree freedom of systems: Introduction, Maxwell‟ s reciprocal theorem, Influence coefficients, Rayleigh‟ s method.

UNIT – 8

Modal analysis and Condition Monitoring: Signal analysis, dynamic testing of machines and structures, Experimental modal analysis, Machine condition monitoring and diagnosis.

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