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Network Theory Notes JNTU | NT Notes JNTU

Network Theory Notes JNTU – NT Notes JNTU of Total Complete Notes

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NETWORK TOPOLOGY:Introduction,Terminology used in network graph:Path,Node,Degree of a node.

Tree,Tree branch,Tree link,Loop,Cut-Set,Tie-Se,Network variables,Directed(or Oriented) graph.

Formation of incidence matrix.

Maximum Power Transfer Theorem,Subtitution Theorem,Millman’s Theorem.

Reciprocating Theorem,Tellegen’s Theorem.

Electrical Equivalents of magnetically coupled circuits.

Tuned Couple Circuit:Single Tuned couple circuits,Double Tuned Coupled Circuits.

Laplace Transform and their properties.

Two port network function and response.

Impedance parameters,admittance parameters,Hybrid parameters,Transmission parameters.

Inter Relationship between parameters and Condition of symmetry.

Series Connection and Parallel Connection.


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