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Operating Systems Notes JNTU | OS Notes JNTU

Operating Systems Notes JNTU – OS Notes JNTU of Total Complete Notes

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Operating System Overview: Overview of computer operating systems operating systems functions protection and security distributed systems special purpose systems operating systems structures and systems calls operating systems generation


Process Management – Process concepts threads, scheduling-criteria algorithms, their evaluation, Thread scheduling, case studies UNIX, Linux, Windows


Concurrency : Process synchronization, the critical- section problem, Peterson’s Solution, synchronization
Hardware, semaphores, classic problems of synchronization, monitors, Synchronization examples, atomic transactions. Case studies UNIX, Linux, Windows


Memory Management : Swapping, contiguous memory allocation, paging, structure of the page table , segmentation, virtual memory, demand paging, page-Replacement, algorithms, case studies UNIX, Linux, Windows


Principles of deadlock – system model, deadlock characterization, deadlock prevention, detection and avoidance, recovery form deadlock,


File system Interface- the concept of a file, Access Methods, Directory structure, File system mounting, file sharing, protection. File System implementation- File system structure, file system implementation, directory implementation, directory implementation, allocation methods, free-space management, efficiency and performance, case studies. UNIX, Linux, Windows


Mass-storage structure overview of Mass-storage structure, Disk structure, disk attachment disk scheduling, swap-space management, RAID structure, stable-storage implementation, Tertiary storage structure.
I/O systems, Hardware, application interface, kernel I/O subsystem, Transforming I/O requests Hardware operation, STREAMS, performance.


Protection : Protection, Goals of Protection, Principles of Protection, Domain of protection Access Matrix, Implementation of Access Matrix, Access control, Revocation of Access Rights, Capability- Based systems, Language Based Protection,
Security- The Security problem, program threats, system and network threats cryptography as a security tool, user authentication, implementing security defenses, firewalling to protect systems and networks, computer –security classifications, case studies UNIX, Linux, Windows

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