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Optical Communications Notes JNTU | OC Notes JNTU

Optical Communication Notes JNTU – OC Notes JNTU of Total Complete Notes

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Overview of optical fiber communication – Historical development, The general system, advantages of optical fiber communications. Optical fiber wave guides- Introduction, Ray theory transmission, Total Internal Reflection, Acceptance angle, Numerical Aperture, Skew rays. Cylindrical fibers- Modes, Vnumber, Mode coupling, Step Index fibers, Graded Index fibers.


Single mode fibers- Cut off wavelength, Mode Field Diameter, Effective Refractive Index. [2]. Fiber materials — Glass, Halide, Active glass, Chalgenide glass, Plastic optical fibers. Signal distortion in optical fibers- Attenuation, Absorption, Scattering and Bending losses, Core and Cladding losses.


Information capacity determination, Group delay, Types of Dispersion – Material dispersion, Wave-guide dispersion, Polarization mode dispersion, Intermodal dispersion. Pulse broadening. Optical fiber Connectors- Connector types, Single mode fiber connectors, Connector return loss.


Fiber Splicing- Splicing techniques, Splicing single mode fibers. Fiber alignment and joint loss- Multimode fiber joints, single mode fiber joints,. Optical sources- LEDs, Structures, Materials, Quantum efficiency, Power, Modulation, Power bandwidth product. Injection Laser Diodes- Modes, Threshold conditions, External quantum efficiency,Laser diode rate equations,Resonant frequencies. Reliability of LED&ILD.


Source to fiber power launching – Output patterns, Power coupling, Power launching, Equilibrium Numerical Aperture, Laser diode to fiber coupling.


Optical detectors- Physical principles of PIN and APD, Detector response time, Temperature effect on Avalanche gain, Comparision of Photodetectors. Optical receiver operation- Fundamental receiver operation, Digital signal transmission, error sources, Receiver configuration, Digital receiver performance, Probability of error, Quantum limit, Analog receivers.


Optical system design — Considerations, Component choice, Multiplexing. Point-to- point links, System considerations, Link power budget with examples. Overall fiber dispersion in Multi mode and Single mode fibers, Rise time budget with examples.


Transmission distance, Line coding in Optical links, WDM, Necessity , Principles, Types of WDM, Measurement of Attenuation and Dispersion, Eye pattern.

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