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Water Resources Engineering Notes JNTU | WRE Notes JNTU

Water Resources Engineering Notes JNTU – WRE Notes JNTU of Total Complete Notes

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Introduction to engineering hydrology and its applications. Hydrologic cycle, types and forms of precipitation, rainfall measurement. types of rain gauges, computation of average rainfall over a basin. processing of rainfall data – Adjustment of record -Rainfall Double Mass Curve. Runoff- Factors affecting Runoff – Runoff over a Catchment- Empirical and Rational Formulae.

Abstraction from rainfall-evaporation. factors affecting evaporation, measurement of evaporation- Evapotranspiration- Penman and Blaney 8: Criddle Methods -Infiltration, factors affecting infiltration. measurement of infiltration, infiltration indices.

Distribution of Runoff – Hydro graph Analysis Flood I-Iydrograph – Effective c Rainfall – Base Flow- Base Flow Separation – Direct Runoff I-Iydrograph – Unit Hydrograph, definition, and limitations of applications of Unit hydrograph, derivation of Unit Hydrograph from Direot Runoff I-iydrograph and vice versa – S-hydrograph. Synthetic Unit Hydrograph.

Ground water Occurrence, types of aquifers, aquifer parameters, porosity. specific yield, permeability, transrnissivity and storage coefficient, Darcy’s law, radial flow to wells in confined and unconfined aquifers. Types of wells,- Well Construction-Well Development.

Necessity and Importance of Irrigation, advantages and ill’effects of Irrigation, types of Irrigation, methods of application of Irrigation water. Indian agricultural soils, methods of improving soil fertility -Crop Roation, preparation of land for Irrigation, standards of quality for Irrigation water. Iv

Soil-water-plant relationship, vertical distribution of soil moisture, soil moisture constants, soil moisture tension, consumptive use, estimation of consumptive use, Duty and delta, factors affecting duty, depth and frequency of Irrigation, irrigation efficiencies – water logging.

Classification of canals, design of Irrigation canals by Kennedy’s and Lacey’s theories, balancing depth of cutting, canal lining.

Design Discharge, Computation of design discharge-rational formula, SCS curve number method, flood frequency analysis Introduction part only –Steam gauging measurement and estimation of steam flow

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